This fairy queen kicks arse

The delightful girl that posed for this photo was so brilliant at giving off an air of, “I don’t give a fuck” that this has become one of my favourite illustration I’ve done in a long time. She’s a cocktail fairy if you can have such a thing. She’s holding some of the ingredients for the Bramble cocktail with mint, lemon and blackberries in the background.

Portrait of fairy queen holding lemons, mint with a bramble background

Les Mills sports wear



Graphite illustration of Les Mills sportswear with gold background

You’re going to have to visualise this with gold around her body (think ReadyBrek glow), rather than the pooey orange that appears once it has been scanned. Or don’t focus on the gold at all but the fact that I drew the Les Mills logos in teen tiny letters and drawing fonts is, in my point of view, harder than anything else. Even harder than drawing feet!

A dry January in 2018

A graphite and digital drawing of a mocktail containing tansy, rose, lemon and apple.

This illustration is a personal work inspired by a mocktail in the Midnight Apothecary book by Lottie Muir. I wanted this to be a deep, rich illustration to reflect a grown up drink. The plants in the illustration are apple, tansy, lemons and rose branches – the ingredients in the mocktail.

I am having a bit of a thing about drawing rose branches and thorny images at the moment – like a flower fairy gone nasty. It’s because a friend of mind always sends me images of paintings she’s seen and liked, and she recently sent me a gorgeous one of a madonna and baby with roses in the background. I basically just took that idea and ran with it.

Let’s take a walk around the city

Hoorn – a guide to an old Dutch city

I’ve said it here before but the quieter this blog is, the more I’ve been working (and, ahem, partying) on projects and commissions. A fantastic break in Holland, where my art agency is based, and then guests over from the same country (you will be hard pushed to find someone who loves Holland as much as me!) had meant I am quite thoroughly pooped.

Above is a personal project I’ve been working on, the city of Hoorn in the Netherlands which I lived in for two years. Drawing the place that I’m missing is my way of day dreaming about it while being productive.