I’m entering the AOI illustration awards this year


Graphite frame showing off the yummy way that the Victorians used to decorate.

This is part of a bigger illustration but I really love it the way it is right now, so thought I should scan it and put it up here before working on it further. Am I the only one that lives in fear of accidentally pouring a cup of tea over something just as I’m finishing it? It’s graphite and shows swallows, roses and the Queen of England’s crown – might add a teapot or cricket bat or something else random but British.

The chinese horoscope, the year of the horse

The horse is one of the creatures of the Chinese horoscope

Some animals suit crowns better than others and horses certainly possess the poise necessary to carry a crown off. The horse certainly looks like they would be capable of wearing a crown all day. This illustration is one of a series of 12 of all the Chinese horoscope animals, all illustrated in a combination of graphite and acrylic.




Dogs in socks

Humans are difficult to draw. That is why I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture their likeness, but it’s difficult to do a portrait justice if you genuinely don’t warm to the person. This is thankfully rare, but a recent commission of Donald Trump wasn’t the easiest. I don’t know the man and I’m not a citizen of the USA, but I didn’t like doing it one bit. I wonder if this showed in the final illustration?

I do not have this problem with pets! All animals, even the incredibly ugly ones: they all have their own unique charm, and even though I am not even an acquaintance of this greyhound, I believe if anyone (human or animal) can wear only socks and a collar and still look elegant, well, they deserve my upmost respect! And Dachshunds look elegant too, even if they aren’t wearing a stitch!