I’m entering the AOI illustration awards this year


Graphite frame showing off the yummy way that the Victorians used to decorate.

This is part of a bigger illustration but I really love it the way it is right now, so thought I should scan it and put it up here before working on it further. Am I the only one that lives in fear of accidentally pouring a cup of tea over something just as I’m finishing it? It’s graphite and shows swallows, roses and the Queen of England’s crown – might add a teapot or cricket bat or something else random but British.

Taking the early flight

I’ve been a bit quiet for the last month because I’ve moved house and also because I’ve been very busy. It’s quite vexing that the busier I am, the more sparse my online presence is. Here is an illustration for my portfolio which needed updating and this is a male version of exactly how I look when travelling in between London and Amsterdam. Smart, professional and with purpose! If you see someone looking stressed and messy, that is my twin sister!

Mixed media illustration of business catching a plane