My portfolio

This website is effectively a blog but to make it easier for you to access all my images in one post, I have uploaded my favourites here for you to browse through, in no particular order.

Portrait of fairy queen holding lemons, mint with a bramble background
Graphite frame showing off the yummy way that the Victorians used to decorate.
Graphite illustration of Les Mills sportswear with gold background

A graphite and digital drawing of a mocktail containing tansy, rose, lemon and apple.
Hoorn – a city guide

Picnic in graphite and watercolour
Illustration for the Sunday Times on the cover of the Parent Power supplement

Graphite illustration of the amount of stuff consumers acrue
Graphite and digital illustration of pineapple
Editorial feature: “It’s all about shopping”

The year of the horse
2017 is the year of the rooster

Dogs in socks
A couple in love
Mixed media portrait of Debbie Harry, lead sinder of Blondie
Violet greenear hummingbird, watercolour. Sold
A private commission in progress. A pencil and acrylic painting. Spooooky!
British politician Boris Johnson in pencil and ink