Dogs in socks

Humans are difficult to draw. That is why I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture their likeness, but it’s difficult to do a portrait justice if you genuinely don’t warm to the person. This is thankfully rare, but a recent commission of Donald Trump wasn’t the easiest. I don’t know the man and I’m not a citizen of the USA, but I didn’t like doing it one bit. I wonder if this showed in the final illustration?

I do not have this problem with pets! All animals, even the incredibly ugly ones: they all have their own unique charm, and even though I am not even an acquaintance of this greyhound, I believe if anyone (human or animal) can wear only socks and a collar and still look elegant, well, they deserve my upmost respect! And Dachshunds look elegant too, even if they aren’t wearing a stitch!

New year resolutions?

Actually, I am not a believer of New Year Resolutions. I don’t see why I should wait 365 days to start doing something for the better, so I don’t write that list every January. Why bother? Why not start a resolution in July?! Or March?! However, with January being associated with giving up all the things you gorged on in December, below are a few illustrations that will be apt for this time of year. These women obviously are lifting more than just cream cakes, and there is nothing like a bit of muscle definition to make a life drawing class interesting. I remember a life drawing class years ago where the teacher lamented how difficult it was to get people who have definition, all our models tended to carry a few pounds. This is interesting to draw in itself but it’s hard to work out the anatomy of the human under loose skin and a bit of flab. Note to all those skinny people out there: life drawing classes will embrace your bony frames!