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One day

Spring is starting to peep out of the shadows today and the longer sunlight hours are making everyone feel like they just need to hang in for a few more weeks. It's my birthday next month which promises to be the biggest non-event of the year as I can't have friends and family over. This is because: 1. Most of my friends and family are in the UK and I moved to The Netherlands last year. 2. Lock down rules mean that I can only have one friend over anyway. However, I'm not going to let it get me down because I love my birthday being in March. You can plant seeds and watch them grow. Yes, it's too cold to do anything outside but the potential is there! Actually, now I think about it, if my birthday was a couple of weeks later that would be better. Oh well.

These illustrations are done by me just for fun. I have more than one style and I miss my loose Indian ink illustrations so I have whipped out the brushes for a series of cosy hugs. May you all get the hugs you are missing soon. Except for those that hate hugs. Enjoy this while it lasts!

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