Tin Tin

Tin tin mural in progress

I’ve been very busy with murals recently and this is one I’ve done in a child’s bedroom of Tin Tin, Snowy in a submarine. The boy whose room this is also is included in the drawing to personalise it. I do love cartoons though they are pretty difficult to do because, like portraits in real life, you really do have to get them right. I like to think that this time I have.

PS See those brushes I have in the photo? That’s about a third of the total number of brushes I have. How did I get so many? And more importantly, why do I never seem to have quite the right one for the job?

Final Tin Tin mural

Working up against the wall

This is me working on a mural for Oaklands school in Hertfordshire last week. The school’s philosophies are kindness, honesty and respect so I incorporated the oak tree symbol of the school with chidren showing these characteristics, and painted the whole lot on their hallway way. I need to go back to finish the text and their logo which will be a difficult day but I’m very pleased with it!

Me working on the mural for Oaklands school

I think there is a wedding coming up

I have two main styles that I use: a very finely executed graphite style and a looser, more fluid style in watercolour and indian ink. Most of my work is the former but commerically, the later is more in in demand. However it’s harder to do because I have to let go a bit more. You have to trust the ink and the brush and accept that a splat or quite flurry with a brush could muck the whole thing up. Even though I have Photoshop (Gawd bless that software), you still end up holding your breath at certain points.

Prince Harry in watercolour and indian ink