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I am an illustrator and like most successful illustrators, I am at my happiest holding a paint brush, pencil or wacom pen. If only this was the only skill a freelance illustrator needs! Illustrators have also got to be pretty handy at diversifying when need be. I can provide the following according to the needs of the client:

1. Editorial illustration. Clients include The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Spa Business, Leisure Management and Spa Business.

2. Live illustration either hand drawn on a white board or digitally, Clients include The Brewery and Canada Life.

3. Portraits commissions in acrylic or graphite.

4. Murals for public and residential spaces. I've done work for several schools in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire both internally and externally on plasterboard, brick or glass. I provide a free consultation on design beforehand and advice on surface preparation. 

My route to becoming an illustrator is a long and winding path. 

My CV. Kinda.

1. I didn’t train as an illustrator but as a forensic scientist. I was a terrible scientist too, as I found that I loved studying science much more than applying it. That and because I had to wear a hair net for my job. However, it has made me super organised with paperwork!

2. I wondered around in ad sales for a while before I found myself as a graphic designer at a publishing house designing magazines and illustrating on an ad hoc basis. I got my first taste illustrating for magazines and loved it.

3. I got the chance to go full time illustrator when I emigrated to the Netherlands and haven’t stopped being busy since then. This has involved saying yes to things that may require that extra bit of effort and adapting to what people need.


+44 (0)7854 346033